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    Friday, January 27th, 2023
    8:53 pm
    the high king; a displaced application

    Sunday, April 17th, 2022
    5:24 pm
    eliot waugh-solo; a character sheet - work in progress
    Eliot Waugh is from television show The Magicians and is currently being played at Displaced.
    "Magic doesn't come from talent. It comes from pain."
    • Born in Whiteland, Indiana on August 12th
    • Grew up on a farm with three older brothers
    • Telekinetic abilities manifested at age 14
    • Has severed ties to biological family
    • Attended SUNY Purchase.
    • Majored in "the Most Liberal of Arts"
    • Former student of Brakebills University
    • Designated as a Physical discipline
    • Crowned High King of Fillory
    • Married to Fen & engaged to Kylo, officially in a threeway relationship with the two
    • Original canon point was 1x13, after his wedding night
    • Current canon point is 3x05, punctured through the season three finale
    • Arrived among the displaced on February 4th, 2017
    "PB NAME"
    • Lives in Council 7 at the Physical Cottage
    • Magic teacher at Ellie Phimister School
    • Winemaker of Mosaic Wines, est 2017
    • Part time portal maker
    • Continuing magical studies independently
    • Frequent patron at Espresso Pump
    • Cat Dad with Kylo to Millicent and Major Tom
    "When I was drowning, Fillory saved me."
    • His favorite color is bright maroon
    • His favorite movie is The Little Mermaid
    • He is fond of cucumber sandwiches
    2018, part one
    "I only have one Bambi."
    Info Six Here
    "You have a brother of the heart."
    Info Six Here
    "I love you and I want us to have our lifetime."
    Kylo caught Eliot's attention early on in the Space Cruise. Being a casual fan of Star Wars, he didn't view Kylo as a person to stay away from. Under the looming threat of the singularity, Kylo told him about how he'd killed his Father. Eliot did not reject him for revealing this and thus a bridge of trust was formed. Upon arrival in Tumbleweed, Eliot offered Kylo shelter away from a residence with his parents, thus bringing the two into close proximity. Eliot became aware of Kylo's mutual feelings for him after inadvertently making him jealous at a party. The pair have been a couple ever since.

    Eliot would later get memories from his home world, including memories of an entire life spent with Quentin Coldwater, but he chose to remain with Kylo. Eliot has been building a life with Kylo as his partner. With the arrival of Fen, they've been working to define their relationship to include her.
    Petunia was Eliot's very first connection among the Displaced. Being without his loved ones, and her being largely outcast due to the actions of her counterpart in another world, the two formed a bond that has lasted until this day. Eliot considers Petunia to be an important member of his family and is fiercely protective of her.
    "I hope I like her.”
    Eliot's marriage to Fen is one of the more complicated aspects of his life. Their coupling began as an arranged marriage at a time where Eliot was at his worst in terms of self destruction. Deep down, he did not expect to survive his journey to Fillory and it is debatable whether he wanted to. But he wanted his friends to survive so a little self sacrifice was worth it. As a man who had no interest in marrying a woman, their marriage was strained from the start, and Eliot was more than happy to be whisked away via portal right after his wedding night. He'd spend his first few months in Tumbleweed blissfully acting as though he had no martial obligations in his own world. And then Margo arrived with the news of his impending Fatherhood and the deal struck with the faeries, that rendered Fen a captive and sold his child essentially into captivity.

    Needless to say, he was furious. Thus began a nearly half year obsession with reaching his wife and bringing her to this reality. He may not have wanted to be married to her, but Eliot did not want to abandon her to imprisonment and he did not want to abandon his child. He would eventually gain memories of his life with Fen and come to realize that he loved her as family. His memories of his life with Quentin at the mosaic also gave him memories of a desire to at least try and be kinder towards his wife and presumed daughter. All of this mixed with the frantic nature of his desperation to get to Fen in this reality melded together into complicated emotions but a genuine love being one of them.

    Upon Fen's arrival, there was a period of trying to figure out their new dynamic since neither were exactly as the other remembered. They eventually came to an understanding and he is trying to be a good(ish) husband.
    "I can't be the dad that turns his back on his kid."
    Fray is the roughly sixteen year old girl that the Fairy Queen used to spy on Eliot and Fen; emotionally manipulating them with the lie that she was their missing child. Eliot was slow to trust Fray and was full aware that she might not actually be their daughter. Against his better judgement he began to care for Fray in a paternal way. Eliot would later be told by Margo that Fray wasn't actually his child and his real daughter had passed away.

    Upon Fray's arrival among the Displaced, Eliot felt compelled to take responsibility for her even though they had no biological relation. The two are learning to orchestrate as Father and Daughter and though it's been a bumpy ride, Eliot cares for Fray deeply and just wants the best for her.
    "I bond fast. Time is an illusion."
    • Adam Parrish - Friend, one of the very first people he spoke with in Tumbleweed

    • Alice Quinn - Friend and co-monarch of Fillory. They are often strained and do not communicate as often as previously in their lives

    • Anakin Skywalker - Future Grandfather-in-law. Eliot is alright with Anakin so long as he isn't being Vader-y

    • Anakin Solo - Sort of future brother in law but Eliot thinks of him more as a friend of his daughter than anything else

    • Annie Odair - Close friend, who Eliot became acquainted with through the party planning committee. She was sent home with her family in August 2018

    • Aphra - Friend, someone that Eliot feels he has a lot in common with and is a stark defender of

    • Arielle Coldwater - Wife of his former life partner, Quentin Coldwater, and Mother to his son, Rupert

    • Betsy Braddock - Coworker, Eliot speaks to her usually on more business type matters or things involving her ward, Pixie

    • Bonnie Bennett - Friend, became acquainted with via Damon Salvatore

    • Damon Salvatore - Close friend, who he met through Emmeline Vance. Was sent back home in July 2018

    • Dudley Dursley - The son of Petunia, Eliot treats Dudley much like a nephew and would be highly protective of him if the need ever arose

    • Emmeline Vance - Close friend, the very first he made in Tumbleweed. She died in March 2018 and Eliot misses her terribly

    • Han Solo - Future Father-in-law, Eliot wishes Han was still in Tumbleweed for Kylo's sake

    • Julia Wicker - Friend, Eliot trusts Julia more than most and she is one he is likely to go to for magical collaborations

    • Kurt Wagner - Casual Acquaintace, Eliot largely knows him from the local theatre scene

    • Luke Skywalker - Negative association, Eliot wants nothing to do with Luke and would be very happy if the Portal sent him back to a galaxy far, far away

    • Marina Andrieski - Neutral acquaintance, he does not trust her at all but on occasion communication is needed

    • Pixie - Student, Pixie is Eliot's favorite pupil and he takes her education far more seriously than he actually ever expected to

    • Rogue - Close friend, Rogue is the reason Eliot now works for EPS. He has sense come to consider her a good friend and she's easily his favorite coworker

    • Ronan Lynch - Frenemy, they frequently butt heads but Eliot thinks the man has the best produce in Tumbleweed and his daughter is fond of him so he's more or less stuck with him

    • Rupert Coldwater - Rupert is Eliot's son with Quentin and Arielle, who grew up in the past of Fillory. Eliot assumes he will never see him again but is beyond proud of the man he and Quentin raised

    • Stephen Strange - Neutral to Negative Acquaintance, Eliot thinks he is a pompous ass and not in the fun way

    • Steve Rogers - Negative association, Eliot holds a grudge against Steve Rogers and it isn't likely to ever go away

    Sunday, May 10th, 2020
    1:00 pm
    Monday, December 9th, 2019
    8:46 pm
    Saturday, October 26th, 2019
    2:41 pm
    WHO: The Waughlo's, Han Solo & Peter Parker
    WHEN: Today!
    WHERE: San Francisco
    WHAT: An intimate sized gathering to celebrate Ren's birthday
    TRIGGERS: Doubtful

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    Friday, May 17th, 2019
    8:36 pm
    Sunday, October 22nd, 2017
    7:21 pm
    the rocky horror picture show
    Let's do the time warp, again. )
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